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Kristal Regenerating Hair Mask

High disentangling powered mask, achieves remarkable results even on the driest and weakest hair types. It is special formula with linen seeds nourishes and re-equilibrates in the depth, leaving hair soft, shine and silky from the roots to ends and without adding weight. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Wash with shampoo and towel dry. Apply the product uniformly white massaging thoroughly. Leave the mask work for 3-4 minutes afterwards rinse carefully. Content:500ml, 250ml

Price:$12.00 Small, 18.00 Large


Kristal Normalizing Cream

Conditioner and regenerating cream adequate for dry perm and dyed hair. Its special formula with linen seeds nourishes without making the hair heavy and leaving it soft, sheen and silky. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: wash with shampoo and towel dry. Apply the product uniformly white massaging thoroughly. Leave the mask work for 3-4 minutes afterwards rinse carefully. Content:500ml, 250ml

Price:$12.00 Small, 18.00 Large


Almond Milk Cream

Conditioner and regenerating cream adequate for dry, perm and dyed hair. Its special formula with almond milk nourishes your hair without making it heavy and leaving it soft, shiny and silky. INTRUCTIONS FOR USE: wash and towel dry your hair, and then apply uniformly the product. Massage thoroughly and set it for about 3-4 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Content:1000ml, 150ml

Price:$9.00 Small, 20.00 Large


Obliphica Treatment Hair Mask

Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn) has an advanced formula for intensive treatment of very dry hair. The mask penetrates the air and envelopes it in softness. Your hair looks healthy and shiny and has a pleasant fragrance. The Oblipica plant is rich in vitamins and oils that are essential for a healthy scalp and hair. The mask has been especially adapted for the most hard water and is pH balanced. It eliminates split ends and prevents graying. DIRECTIONS: After shampooing spread a generous amount from the root along the entire length of your hair. Wait 2-3 minutes and what thoroughly. Content:500ml, 250ml

Price:$30.00 Small, 40.00 Large


Obliphica Spiral Mask

Spiral nutruring and restorative treatment is especially made for women with uncontrollable Frizzy or curly or curly hair. The treatments unique formula is designed to make it easy to take care of modern. Directions: After shampooing, massage a generous amount into your hair, wait 3-4 minutes, and wash thoroughly. Content:500ml



Obliphica Intensive Hair Mask

A rich nourishing mask, enriched with concentrated nutrients and Obliphica (Sea-Buckthorn) fruit extracts. Softens hair, increases mange ability, leaving it shiny and conditioned. DIRECTIONS: After rinsing shampoo apply liberal amount on hair leave approximately 3-5 minutes and rinse well. Content:500ml, 250ml

Price:$30.00 Small, 40.00 Large


Nirvel Xpress Mask

Ultra FAST mask with light texture and fresh smell that only in 1 minute, moisturizes, nourishes and gives body without weighing hair down and makes easy to detangle. Apply an even layer after washing the hair. Leave it act 1 minute and wash with lot of water. Content:1000ml-250ml.

Price:$35 Large 19 Small


Intensive Leave In Moisturizing Cream

A rich hair moisturizer containing vitamins E + C as well as special quality plant extracts and the Obliphica (Sea-Buckthorn) fruit extract. The cream is designed to nourish and take care of very dry, damaged hair and minimize breakage. Leaves a free-movement soft touch without a sticky or greasy residue. Instructions for use: After rinsing shampoo apply liberal amount of cream to damp hair, leave in and style hair as desired. Recommended for daily use. Content:1000ml, 425ml

Price:$32.00 Small, 45.00 Large


Obliphica Moisturizing Treatment Cream

Moisturizing Treatment Cream: maximizes hair nutrition, combining styling features to help sculpt your hair without a greasy or sticky feeling. The cream has moisturizers to give your hair amazing softness, suppleness and beauty. Made from unique, natural ingredients, the cream improves harsh sun and local weather conditions. Your hair will look and feel better than ever. Direction: After and between shampooing, massage in and style your hair. Content:1000ml, 525ml.

Price:$32.00 Small, 45.00 Large


Obliphica Spiral Multitask Curl Builder

Spiral is an innovated and unique development, that combines the styling qualities of mousse with nurturing moisturizing that improves hair control and hair quality. DIRECTIONS: After shampooing and between shampoos massage in a dollop as required, and style. Content:525ml.



Fiovere Maschera Energizzante Anti Caduta

Energizing mask helps to nourish and impart vigor to thinning and damage hair. USE:Wash hair with Foivere stimulating shampoo and then leave on 2 or 3 minutes. rinse with lot of water. Content: 275ml



White Meches Conditioning Mask

High powered disentangling and hydrating cream for treated, dyed, bleached hair. Its particular formula re-equilibrates in depth, leaving hair soft, shine and silky from roots to ends. DIRECTIONS: Apply the product evenly after washing and towel drying. Massage gently and leave it work for 3-4 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Content:1000ml.



Post Keratin Treatment Conditioner

DIRECTIONS:Apply generous amount of Bio-Conditioner to clean, wet hair. massage and detangle your hair gently and then rinse thoroughly with water. Apply after Bazilian keratin, treatments for optional results. Content:946ml



Nirvel Moisturising Capillary Mask

With a strong regenerative effect on the hair, hydrating mask with higroplex. Improves the mechanical properties of the hair against external aggressions acting temperature, repaired the damage and providing cauzados by these elastisidad hydration and body. Especially for dry and damaged hair. Application: After washing your hair and towel dry uniformly distribute the product, performing a gentle massage, take cover and let yourself a tolla for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. Content:1000ml



Fiovere Rapid Hair Relaxer

USE:Do not pre-shampoo hair. Apply olive oil to hairline, ears and neck to protect skin. Part hair into 4 equal sections. With rat tail comb and gloved hands apply relaxer off the scalp using thin partings. For touch-up, apply to new grow only. For virgin hair apply to the entire shaft. course Texture 20 minutes, medium texture 16 minutes, and fine texture 12 minutes. Content:4 LBS



Nirvel Multieffect Aconditioner

Nirvel Multieffect provides different benefits to your hair according to the mode of application. In conditioner, apply on hair washed and towel-dried. It facilitates the work of drying hair and adds body and no cake. Ultranutritiva mask, apply to damp hair 10 minutes and rinse with plenty of water, not greasy. Emolucion protective, applying a small amount on dry hair, protects hair rupture and external agents. Content:250ml



Kristal Basic Hair Mask

A special mask with exceptional detangling power, specially designed for very dry, brittle hair. Its Linseed Oil-based formula is deeply nourishing, without weighing the hair down, and leaves it fabulously soft and shiny. How to use:Apply evenly to washed and towel dried hair. Massage carefully. Leave to act for 3-4 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Content: 400ml- 1500ml

Price:$12.00 Small, 25.00 Large