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Kristal Restructuring Lotion

Restructuring lotion for damaged and treated hair. Its combined action enriched with linen seed proteins and vitamins, provides volume, sheen, and manageability. HOW TO USE:: Apply to damp hair, massage and process for 2-3 minutes. Do not rinse.



Kristal Descongestant Oil

Conditioner for treated, dry and colored hair. Ideal ager coloring, lightening, and perms. Normalizes skin and removes alkaline treatment residues. Its content of linen seeds provides nourishment, shine, and manageability. HOW TO USE:Shampoo and towel dry. Apply and massage gently. Process for 3-4 minutes and rinse thoroughly.



Innovation Shooting Lotion

Soothes the irritation of dry skin, leaving your skill feeling smooth and healthy during color application. HOW TO USE: In the event of dry skin conditions, apply and then rinse after 5 minutes. For dyeing, apply to the scalp and proceeding with dye application..



Anti Hair Loss Maintaining Lotion

This shampoo has a cool mint perfume and cleans your hair and skin, leaving a pleasant, refreshing sensation. HOW TO USE: Apply shampoo to wet hair. Rinse it off. Content:1000ml.



Anti-Dandruff Loss Maintaining Lotion

Innovative treatment containing extracts of birch leaves and vitamin E, that helps soothe dry, itching scalps, removes dandruff and prevents it from reappearing. This lotion also contains cosmetic agents that improve body and shine. 12 lotions of 8 ml (0.2816 oz) each. HOW TO USE: Apply one lotion a week to dry or damp hair and massage. Do not rinse



Anti-Dandruff Treatment

This is an innovative treatment; it contains birchleaf extract and vitamin E.Thanks to this content it has a shooting action on the skin, getting rid of itchiness, removing dandruff and preventing its recurrence. HOW TO USE: Distribute 10ml of product evenly over the wet or dry hair every 6 days. Do not rinse. Content:100ml.



Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

This is a prestigious adjuvant for the prevention of hair loss as stimulates the blood circulation. Thanks to an active combinations of principles of ingredients as armica and propolis this product has a cosmetic effect on the hair, giving body and shine. HOW TO USE: Distribute 10ml of product evenly over the wet or dry hair every 6 days. Do not rinse. Content:100ml.



Argan Oil Spray Treatment

Instantly repairs and adds elacity to dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Spray evenly on damp hair. Content:150ml.



PACK Placenta

PACK Placenta: Vials + Shampoo VIALS Strengthening lotion hair-loss control ampoules that prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Shampoo Its active principles nourish and strengthen the capillar fibre preventing failling hair. its soft base makes it possible to use it frequently. Application VIALS SHOCK TREATMENT Apply one vial dialy for fifteen days and every other day for a further fortnight. MAINTENANCE TREATMENT Apply one or two vials a week, depending on the results from the initial treatment. Apply the content of a vial on dry hair, with gentle massages so that the product penetrates the scalp. If its necessary to wash the hair, do so prior to application, then dry with a towel. SHAMPOO Apply on wet hair with a slight massage on the scalp, allowing it to work for some minutes and rinse with abundant water.



Fiovere Stimulating Lotin for Hair Loss

Use: After shampooing hair with Energizing Shampoo apply evenly to hair and scalp. Delicately massage, dry. Content: 120 ml.

Price:$25 ONLY 4 IN STOCK!



TEC PACK Description. Nirvel Cosmetics launches the Capillary Energizing Treatment, an innovative treatment that prevents from the hair loss and stimulates its growth. Results Formulated with Biotin or B7 Vitamin, and plant extracts such as the Dynagen and the GP4G that helps to revitalize the scalp by optimizing its nourishment. Controls the hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair. The hair recovers strength, shine and vitality. Application Recovery treatment: Wash the hair with the capillary energizing shampoo. Apply the capillary energizing lotion everyday during two weeks. Maintenance: Wash the hair with the capillary energizing shampoo. Apply the lotion twice a week. Content: Shampoo 200 ml + Lotion 150 ml



Kristal Hydrating Lotion

No-rinse treatment for brittle and treated hair. Hydrating Lotion is deeply nutritive and hydrating, even in the case of stressed hair, thanks to the combined action of proteins and active vitamins contained in the Linseed and Argan Oil formula. It is easy to use and gives unprecedented volume, shine and manageability. HOW TO USE: Apply to washed and damp hair and massage thoroughly. Leave it to act for 2-3 minutes. Then style without rinsing. cONTENT: Pack of 12 Vials



Nirvel Home Spa

HOME SPA Argan Shampoo Argan mask + gel + Argan Fluid. ARGAN SHAMPOO-GEL: Argan oil has beneficial properties for both skin and hair. Argan shampoo gel is the fusion of both products. It adds shine and natural softness to the hair. Regenerates, moisturizes and fights aging and dry skin. ARGAN MASK: Mask rich creamy texture argan oil, which restructures and strengthens hair, improving texture, elasticity and natural shine. ARGAN FLUID: Combination of three oils that provide spectacular, silky shine. Wet hair also reduces drying up to 50%. APPLICATION: in all hair types and both dry and wet. Greasiness. It evaporates and leaves no residue or hands or scalp. ARGAN SHAMPOO GEL 250ml. + ARGAN MASK 200ml. + ARGAN FLUID 30ml.



Nirvel Hair-loss Complex

The joint action of follicuzan concentrate and vitamins, acts directly on the cells, regulating the growth cycle. Corrects scalp disorders and slows hair loss. Directions: For intensive treatment: Apply daily for a week; the next semeana, continue aplicaion on alternating days. For treatment continuity / Prevencion is recommended twice a week. Content: 2 vials 1.02OZ



Nirvel Hair Colored Complex

Complex Colored Hair with Sunflower Extract It combines the repairing action of sunflower exo with sunscreens. Continuous application forms a protective film that helps maintain color for longer. Provides more shine and softness. How to use: Apply after each wash, distributing the serum evenly throughout the hair. Without rinsing.Content: 2 vials 1.02OZ



Nirvel Locion de Peinado

24 Vials to apply while you are combing your hair.