Sunday August 19, 2018

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Kristal Hair Spray

Ideal product to confer an adequate hair support all over your hairdo without adding weight. It gives brightness to hair while protects against the action of external agents. Can be easily eliminated by a few brushing action. It does not leave residues. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Vaporize from a distance of about 20-25 cm. from the hair. In order to achieve better volume spray directly on the base of the hair. Content: 500ml, 300ml

Price:$15.00 Small, 20.00 Large


Kristal Soft/Strong Mousse

Enables a soft holding of hair style. Nourishes thanks to its formula reach of selected linen-seed resins. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake well before using. Put a small quantity of the product (one or more knobs, depending on the hair-length) on the palms of the hands. Distribute uniformly on the hair, comb and proceed with usual drying. Content: 300ml



Kristal System Spray Soft

Protein hydrolysate of almond together with the main active detergents, makes this shampoo ideal for weak hair and frequent washing. HOW TO USE:Apply Shampoo to wet hair. Rinse it off, if necessary the application. Content:100ml.



Kristal System Spray Strong

This shampoo has a cool mint perfume and cleans your hair and skin, leaving a pleasant, refreshing sensation. How to Use: Apply shampoo to wet hair. Rinse it off. Content:100ml.



Kristal Hair Spray Extra Strong

This shampoo enriched with fruit vitamins, takes care of your hair at each wash; it is ideal for weak or treated hair. How to Use: Apply shampoo to wet hair. Rinse it off. Content:300ml.



Kristal Hair Spray Anti Frizzy

This is an innovative treatment; it contains birchleaf extract and vitamin E.Thanks to this content it has a shooting action on the skin, getting rid of itchiness, removing dandruff and preventing its recurrence. HOW TO USE: Distribute 10ml of product evenly over the wet or dry hair every 6 days. Do not rinse. Content:300ml.



Kristal Finishing Shine

This is a prestigious adjuvant for the prevention of hair loss as stimulates the blood circulation. Thanks to an active combinations of principles of ingredients as armica and propolis this product has a cosmetic effect on the hair, giving body and shine. HOW TO USE: Distribute 10ml of product evenly over the wet or dry hair every 6 days. Do not rinse. Content:100ml.



Agadir Finishing Shine

Instantly repairs and adds elacity to dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Spray evenly on damp hair. Content:150ml.



Obliphica Shine Spray

Spray for a more intensive shine: a styling spray, to be used after you dry your hair. Enriched with Oblipica oil containing UB screen. It protects the outer layer of your hair from sun and weather damage, and keeps your natural hair color, preventing it from fading. 200ml Directions: After styling your hair, spray evenly at a distance of 25-30cm. Content:200ml, 225ml



Hair Body Fragance

BBCOS Hair Body Fragance commonly use to give you a nice perfume en your envioroment. INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Spray over your body. Content:50ml.



Fiovere Hair Polisher Spray Anti-Frizz

Repair and shine. Seals in proteins to help repair damage and to bring out healthy looking shine. Use: Apply 3-4 pump actions on palm. Smooth over wet or dry hair. Content: 150ml



Nirvel Hair Spray

It dryes when it gets in contact with hair. It does not leave your hair greasy or dry and revitalizes the natural or dyed color of your hair. It can be brushed out. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Content:500ml.



Thermic Protector

Protects your hair from the thermal aggression due to flat irons and makes it strong against split. It makes your hair smooth and helps you to fix the hairstyle. Instruction: Spray the product evenly over dry hair before proceeding with the ironing. Content:250ml.



Repair Hair

Repair Hair Spray is especially formulated to increase the strength of healthy or damage hair. Content:125ml.



Hair Spray Conditioner Double Phase

Application after washing your hair and towel dry . Shake the product and distribute it through the hair , giving a massage from roots to ends . No calarar , proceeding to drying and styling as usual .. Content:500ml.